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RP India Telecom Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading service providers in telecom. Catering to fast growing needs of Telecom Industry we provide services to all the major telecom operators in India. RP India Telecom Pvt. Ltd was established with a vision to provide value based specialized services to the telecom domain. We brought together professionals with expertise in the field of Telecom Infrastructure and Project Management with sound support from Software, Finance and Business Management professionals to cater the demand of fast growing Indian telecom industry.

Our vision is to utilize the vast talent pool of skilled manpower available in India to provide specialized services to the leading names in Telecom Industry in RF & Transmission (RF & Tx Survey Engg., DT Engg., & Network Planning & Transmission Planning Engg.), BTS, BSS, MSC Engg., MIS Engg., NOC (Alarm Monitoring) Engg., Autocad & Documentation resources for TI services in addition to complete manpower solutions to technical needs of the industry. Our strength lies in our in house training facilities to keep our resources updates to the latest trends in the Industry.

With complete focus on customer satisfaction, RP India Telecom Pvt. Ltd believes in innovation and to constantly deliver quality services to our customers. We draw our strength from a unique business model focused on development of client centric / project centric offices to provide quick response for our clients. We are trusted service providers to the telecom giants in Indian space for our efficient and competitive services.

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